With the end of the summer holidays looming ahead and plane tickets soaring in prices (pardon the pun) you’re probably looking for a cheaper holiday alternative before the kids go back to school. Or perhaps you’re looking to go away with a loved one, but a romantic trip to Venice or Santorini is too spendy this time of year? So, you’re considering a camping holiday. There are so many options when it comes to a camping holiday, it doesn’t just have to be camping in a wet field! Caravan enthusiasts Caravansforsale have put together this piece to elaborate on the different types of camping holidays available, so you can decide which ones are best for you.

Caravan and motorhome camping

To start off, one of the most popular ways to enjoy your camping holiday doesn’t even involve a tent! Lots of people go camping in touring caravans and motorhomes, which are are either hauled by another car or driven to camp spots around the UK. The NCC estimates that there are currently 555,000 touring caravans currently in use in the UK, along with 365,000 caravan holiday homes (static caravans).

The benefit of this that, essentially, your still living in a house with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and so forth. You’ve always got everything you need, and you don’t need to worry about finding somewhere to shower in a campsite! However, you’ll obviously need to have a caravan or motorhome to camp like this, and that can be expensive. As with cars you can buy used ones for as little as £2,000, and you could be looking up in the range of £150,000 for new, high end caravans and motorhomes. Static caravans can cost the same amount as a small house in some areas! We’d recommend checking out this site for some good valued touring caravans for sale.

Static caravan park

Certificated Site camping

Certificated sites are independent camping sites which are certified members of the Camping and Caravanning Club, the biggest organisation in the UK for presenting caravan and motorhome users. There are currently around 2,200 private sites dotted around the UK and Ireland, which are exclusively for Club members.

We like this option because although these camps are small, they offer something special. They’re often tucked behind pubs, near vineyards, museums and other small towns and villages which are bursting with culture. They’re also inspected regularly by club members, so you can be sure they’ll be clean, tidy and adhering to the best standards.


One of the up and coming, and one of our favourite types of camping, glamping. Glamping (glamorous camping) comes in many different forms, but essentially it’s just camping in a luxury tent. Instead of your conventional 2 hours of ‘trying to thread 5-metre sticks through 20 holes’ to put up a tent, you’ll be saying in quirky alternatives; treehouses, wigwams, camping bods, tipis, yurts and even hobbit holes! 

Glamping offers all the upsides of a camping holiday in an easy, stress free way. All you need to do is find your perfect spot, get there, and you’re set! It may not always be luxurious or psosh, but it’s camping with some comforts from home. We’d recommend this as a romantic get away, where you’ll find some perfect 2 person properties in some beautiful locations, or as a family holiday, as you can find some huge tents and yurts that can accommodate a dozen people.

Tipi camping

Woodland/wild camping

Perfect for the outdoorsy/Bear Grylls type, wild camping is exactly that. This would often involve finding a desolate, unpopulated bit of foresting or field and setting up camp for the night. Some people take this risk, but it’s not recommended! UK law states that you can camp without the land owners permission, with the single exception of this not applying to certain parts of Dartmoor National Park. These laws are a bit more relaxed in Scotland, so if you want to go wild camping anywhere in the UK, go there. Just bare in mind the rule ‘leave no trace’- you want other people to enjoy the scene as much as you do, so don’t leave behind rubbish, fires and the like.

So what’s best for you? There’s upsides to each different type of camping, a lot of it comes down to what you want- an easy, comfortable get away, an adventurous hike, something to accommodate the whole family? There’s something for everyone.