Kingdom is one of the streaming giant’s latest projects and its first attempt to cash in on the zombie craze. You might remember the bit of news surrounding Kingdom last month, with the show receiving the green light for a second season even before its debut.

The show was created by Kim Seong–hun and Kim Eun–hee. A genre-bending piece, it is set in Korea’s Joseon period. It focuses primarily on the crown prince as embarks on a journey to find out the truth about the mysterious outbreak that has begun to spread over the countryside. This, sprinkled with the right amount of political intrigue, gives the story a unique hook. Watching the character slowly grows into his role as the kingdom’s future ruler as he is put to task dealing with unspeakable horrors makes it all the more entertaining.

Of course, the mixing of genres in television is hardly new territory especially when it comes to horror. However, it is the show’s execution that really makes it stand out from the rest of the typical zombie shows which have overrun the airwaves.